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Fabric of Life
By: Paz Abad Santos, Artist/Inventor

The Fabric of Life Series to Infinity is a system of composing artwork using designed boards.

Putting together the designs in whatever order one chooses allows the designs
to become integrated in various ways.

This creative activity can be used for many purposes like expressive arts therapy, team building,
communication exercises and reflection not only for those with sight but also for the visually impaired.

The Strand Series of the Fabric of Life relates to a system for color recognition by the visually impaired comprising of a board having strands fiedly secured on the board member.

It is composed of cards with a size of 6.5 by 5 centimeters but there could be variations in size from a small 4 by 2.5 centimeters to a large 12.3 by 9.8 centimeters.

The invention utilizes a strand system made of thin rope that form a straight horizontal.
Using a combination of a single, double, and triple strands,
either close together or far apart to identify eight basic colors.

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*This game is still Under Construction.

4 x 4

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The artist/inventor has obtained patent for this work.